Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Indigo Snow

I wasn't quite ready for Christmas this week, but snow was coming in this week (indeed, it's snowing outside my window now), so I decided on a snow ball theme. The base color is Zoya Indigo, a very dark navy with tiny sparkles, which shows a little better with a flash (below).
Unfortunately, the flash makes my super-shiny topcoat seem a bit mangled, but you can sort of see what a lovely dark blue Indigo is there. I used Sinful "Snow Me White" for the snowballs, with crystals here and there for subtle random sparkle. The design was shamelessly copied by Never Too Much Glitter's First Snowfall post. I'll admit, I was first going to do the snow drifts, with teardrop rhinestones falling from them, but it was late at night (again) and I just couldn't make it work. Next time, maybe.

I got a fun new toy yesterday too - the Spafinder manicure/pedicure set from Avon. I bought it for my toes - my one experience years (and years) ago with an electric file on my fingernails was not good, to say the least. But I put the batteries in, and the filing cone on last night, and decided it wasn't powerful enough to do *too* much damage. So I used it to file and buff my fingernails last night, and wouldn't you know - it worked great! No tip damage, although I will have to be careful with the buffing tools, and I think it actually took longer than just using a glass file like I normally do. Kind of fun though, and I'm sure it will work great on my toes (the metal files are for feet, in case you were wondering).

Next week starts three weeks of Christmas manicures...