Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Suncoat Water-Based French

I’m not really having good luck with these water-based polishes. I want to like them, because they’re healthier to use, they don’t stink up the joint, and they’re easier on the environment. But honestly, I just have one more brand to try, and then I’m giving up. Nail polish should not be difficult…

I like the color of this polish – the pink is Suncoat #8, a cotton candy color. The white is, appropriately enough, #1, and the clear coat is #00. Last night I worked hard to make sure that all oils were off my nails, as water-based polish and oils do not mix. Unfortunately, it’s been rainy and somewhat humid here since late last night, and I think that probably added to my woes with this polish. That, and a hard brush that made it impossible to avoid streaks.

Water-based polish dries through evaporation, and basically “shrinks” onto your nail. The longer you wear it, the harder it gets to remove, which is why they recommend taking it off at least weekly. I think in my case, even though it felt hard and dry, it never actually dried all the way down.So when I got into the shower this morning, my polish started to soften. I’m pretty sure I lost the whole first layer (top coat) off my left hand, and ended up with weird texture issues on the tops of all my nails. I clean the excess nail polish off my fingers in the shower – as you can see, my left index finger released the polish even up onto my nail. Not groovy. On my right hand, my tips are chipped or peeled on at least three fingers, and I had to blow dry my nails before the remaining polish was hard enough again to do my hair.

It’s pretty polish, but far too complicated for someone like me (I shudder to think what might have happened had I tried to add rhinestones or other art items to it!). As it is, I’ll have to remove it tonight, and redo my nails…which I really don’t have time for, but I don’t trust this polish to wear well enough until next weekend.

So tonight I’ll try some Avon Speed Dry polish. I normally avoid speed dry at all costs, due to serious bubbling issues that normally plague me when polish dries too fast, but I can’t be waiting for polish to dry tonight – I have things to do! Stop by Thursday for my results (hopefully better)…

***Edited to say: I haven't had time for another manicure, so I'm still sporting this polish on my nails. It's wearing like a cheap drugstore polish, but doesn't look too bad if you don't look close. New manicure next week... ***