Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Creamy Speckles

I was going to do a Nubar Moodies color this week, and then realized that with my right index finger still being lamentably short, it wouldn't really show off to full effect. So that's on hold until my index fingernail grows out again.

So then I asked hubby what he thought, and his choice was yellow. Out of the three bottles of yellow polish I own, he picked out Zoya's "Creamy", which is this "peanut M&M color" that I think is quite stunning. I got out my purple konad polish and a nail art plate, and started stamping designs.

Yeah. Not so good. Sometimes I have it, and sometimes I don't - last night, I most definately did not have the dexterity for nail stamping. So I took the failed stamp attempts off, and used the purple polish to speckle my nails. Ironically, the purple dots turned brown! I have no idea what that's all about (the stamp designs were purple...). The lady at my optometrist's office liked them this morning though.

In any case, there you have it. Fun, eye-popping yellow speckled nails this week. Unfortunately, all I can think about every time I look at my hands now is Peanut M&M's...