Saturday, July 16, 2011

Holographic paint flakes fun

Hi guys
Thank you all so much for the lovely comments on my previous post. I appreciate them so much xoxox
I ordered some holographic paint flakes from ebay. They arrived like this:

I mixed it with some base coat to make this polish

The accent finger on my current manicure got a chip on the right hand so I decided rather than change the whole thing to just update the accent nail so excuse the tip wear XD
The paint flakes makes the polish you add it to very very thick and paste like. You NEED thinner and lots of it! I used Orly nail laquer thinner and it worked really well. Also I added the glitter to a small bottle of top coat I got free with a nail art kit or something so it wasn't the best quality so it resulted in a very rough feeling polish. To remedy this I used a base coat then the glitter and then Sallys Gelous advanced gel coat and then Seche Vite. This gives a perfectly smooth finish.
I also added some to some coloured polishes:

The polishes are more twinkly in realy life and the silver looking bottle above is black with added glitter
Excuse ipod pic but this is a navy jelly holo glitter. It is pretty good colour despite my jaundiced thumb.
The paint flakes were good value at about £5 including postage. In the silver bottle above the paint chips have lined up against the wall of the bottle and they give a linear holographic effect but I think that I will never be able to achieve this in a polish because the flakes are too large. It's a shame. I even tried to grind it in a pestle and mortar to make a finer powder, with the idea it would make a more linear polish, but it didn't work. I will keep looking for finer flakes in the hopes of making my own GOSH lookalikes. Still I do like the effect and can't wait to add it to more polishes.
Stacie xoxox