Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pink Screening

I had a semi-crisis with this week's manicure, my fault, I think due to storing my water decals in the bathroom. I'm also kind of bummed that this polish was nearly impossible to photograph properly, because in reality, it's just gorgeous and light and perfect for summer. You can sort of get the idea here though.

This week's polish is "Silver Screened", generously provided to me by The Painted Nail and The Nail Files. It's a gorgeous sheer pink with silver micro-glitter in it that gives it a fabulous wet look all the time. I started with three coats over 1 coat of Seche Vite base..as you can sort of see, it's still sheer even after three coats: 

Then I took the water decals I'd already cut apart, and put water on the back of the one I wanted for my thumb. 

Let it sit for ten seconds or so, then it's supposed to slide right off. This one didn't, so I put a couple more drops of water on the back, and waited again. When I tried to slide it off, the decal tore. 

I think these are ruined because I stored them in our bathroom. Every morning there's a lot of steam and humidity, and I can see where these might have hydrated, then fused to the paper. It's too bad, because I really like these decals, but lesson learned. 

So I looked around my nail tray and found some flower stickers that matched my polish: 

I stuck a few flowers on three fingers of each hand, and sealed the whole thing with two coats of top coat.

Then cleaned up this morning in the shower, and voila!

I may try to get more photos of these in the daytime if I can remember...the polish really is quite remarkable, and if I do get more pictures, I'll post them on my facebook page.

Next week...hmm... I haven't decided just yet. I have a few new Avon polishes, and one more Painted Nail polish, so we'll see. Until then, happy polishing!