Thursday, October 20, 2011


Everyone who knows me knows that I hate the cold. I am so cold-adverse that if it gets below 80 degrees Fahrenheit I will probably put on a sweater. Yes, I know, I'm insane. The other thing that people always think I'm crazy for is, you know when you turn on your heater in your car on FULL BLAST and if you have an older car jets of extremely dry horrible feeling heat shots out at you? Well, I love that feeling. I love it so much that I usually open my eyes really wide and put them right in front of the vent so that they dry out and I get all warm and toasty. Mmmm... warmth. So I painted these icicles when it turned into "winter." I use the word winter to refer to "the end of extremely hot days." So I think that I painted these on September 1st. Which, I'm guessing most people don't think is winter. But it is to me! The ring finger has a slight accent.