Monday, October 17, 2011


I love most things retro, so this design is a homage to how fun and simple the retro look can be!  I used all acrylic paints because I didn't have a lot of dry-time (acrylic paints dry faster than nail polish). I don't do a lot of accent nails, but I think the thumb and ring finger accents are a nice touch -- They make the design a bit less cluttered.

EDIT: As inquired by Sonoma Bento (who is amazing), the inspiration for this pattern came from the below picture. I believe this is a design by Jenn Ski, who seems to make a lot of really amazing retro patterns and put them on kitchenware and other household items. I'm not 100% positive that this design came from her because I just saved it to my computer without keeping its source; however, it is named "jennski," so I can only assume! Regardless of who it's from, trying to figure it out has introduced me to Jenn Ski's amazing art, so you should check out her blog here.