Friday, February 17, 2012

Nail School - Day 29

Two weeks left! Crazy stuff! Today I did a pedicure and some work on my fake hand. Then I put more gels on myself. This time I used forms to extend the tip. I'll let you how they last because you may recall that I've had some trouble with them popping right off in the past! Here are some photos:

Yay gels!

This is my right thumb, I did a very thin application on this thumb because this is the thumb I use for EVERYTHING. I usually don't put nail art, nail polish, or anything else on this thumb. 
Anyways, yesterday I promised a discussion on where I get the products that I use while I'm in school. Susie, my soon to be mother-in-law asked about this. And I'm under the impression that it's vastly different at different schools, so this is my school's policy. We have a big gigantic closet and a room that contain all the products we use while we are at school. This means that everything from acrylics, to forms, to lotions, to polishes (we use Zoya), to sea salt is provided to us. I think this is foolish for a lot of reasons, but here is the main one: This means that students regularly take WAY too much product because they don't get penalized if they do. There is a lot of waste in this school. However, I must say that I like our system because I don't feel pressure to be perfect when I'm first learning something, which is how I would feel if I were wasting my own products. Today I bought a BUNCH of products for at home use (I spent $100, eep!), but I'll be using them sparingly while I'm at school. Hopefully they'll pay for themselves!