Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nail School - Day 33

FINALLY! Pictures of the 3D nail art I did a few days ago. From left to right they go from first done to last done. My favorites are the yellow and white flower, the tree, the blue bubbles, and the ABC blocks. Which do you like? 
Now, on to my day today! Like I mentioned we had our 200 hour exam today. For it, we performed a full state board procedure on a model. I get super huge test anxiety which means I tend to freak out and then mess up. I didn't do *too* horribly, but I'll found out my actual grade soon. I know that I didn't do my best work, which means that no matter what grade I get, I will be disappointed. I know, I'm my harshest critic. The worst part of the exam was when I had to make a smile line using acrylic power/liquid. I made a smile hexagon instead/ Whoops. I later did my models nails with acrylics and formed all my own smile lines and each and every one of them came out perfect. So I'll chalk the error up to anxiety. On the plus side my teacher complimented my manicuring and polishing abilities quite nicely today. Which is odd to me because seeing all the swatchers polishing abilities, I've always thought I was bad at polishing. I'm finally starting to feel better, so there shouldn't be any more lapses in posts for a while!

These are on my nails currently. It's an acrylic nail that I made over a form (some call this "sculpting" the nail). The smile lines were all freehanded with the acrylic liquid/powder. I think I did a pretty good job! The green looks way more awesome in person! It's super glittery (but as we all know, glitter never looks as cool in pictures).