Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mod Squares

Have you ever just been going along in your life, doing your thing and then BAM! it's Tuesday and all along you still feel like it's Saturday? That's how this week has been! I've been busy with wedding planning and tons of other crazy stuff so I've been totally forgetting to post! Which really stinks since I have tons of nails to share with you guys! Just so you know, if I ever disappear like this, you can always see sneak peaks to upcoming nail posts on my facebook.

Anyways, these are some mod looking squares. I can't remember if I've seen this design done by The Daily Nail before, but this totally reminds me of her work! I know she's done tons of mod designs, but I just don't remember if the reason I did these is because they were logged in my memory as being an awesome design that she created! Either way, I'm in love with these. I'm also in love with the color. Teal-ish blue is always one of my favorite colors and I think it looks great on nails.