Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cherished Camisole

I know, it's late. But it's still Tuesday!

This week, I thought I'd use a calm, soothing color, and I hadn't tried this one yet. The green is China Glaze "Cherish", and unfortunately, it was kind of thick. It went on a bit streaky, but I still really love the way it looks. I think next time I'll make sure to use very thin coats, which should help with the streaky-ness.

Then I just did some random dot patterns with Misa Camisole, a shiny pearly white. Nothing too exciting, just calm and subtle. Very nice with all the stress we've had around here lately!
As you can see, I broke the nail on my right index finger yesterday (my hand slipped on a wet car door). It sounds odd, but when you're used to typing with long nails, it actually is really weird trying to type with such a short nail. I was mis-keying letters all afternoon yesterday!

I actually did my toes too this week - come back for a special pedicure post on Thursday...