Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wild oranges from rain forest

In fact i am not even sure that where are any oranges in the rain tree :) But those oranges are so not perfect to be called real oranges. So i think that wild oranges is more appropriate.
So ideally it supposed to be some neon orange, and good konad original white stamping.
But... Well I don't own a neon orange, so had to used regular one, and the bigger problem is that i ran out of stamping polishes. And its been like a month or so already. i wanted to get some this month, but again got something more urgent to spend on ( in fact my flat iron died, and i had to spend the holly molly knows how much on the new chi iron, because i am so seek and tired of broken cheap flat irons)
So , i am totally out of special polishes , and had to use regular one, that does not work really good, and this is why those poor oranges are so not perfect.