Wednesday, August 31, 2011


This was the summer of family and one of my favorite family vacations was when my boyfriend, his parents, one of his sisters, and I went to NYC. Ron and I go there often, so it isn't very exciting for us, but none of his family had been before. We got to take them to the Empire State building, the Statue of Liberty, and eat tons of food! At the end of the vacation I decided that I should do some nails to commemorate the trip. So these are my NYC nails! My right hand said "I *heart* NY" but I can't find a picture of it. Here's the story behind each nail:
Thumb: This was for Ron's mom, Susie. She loves playing Monopoly on facebook, so the "Go" from Monopoly reminds me of her
Index: This was for Ron's father, Vern. He is devout in his Christianity so I couldn't think of anything better to represent him than a cross
Middle: A kitty cat for Ron's sister Bonnye. Every time I ever see anything with a cat on it my reaction is always, "Oh my god, Bonnye would love that!"
Ring: Well, if you're read my blogs a bunch you can probably guess that the hamburger is for Ron. He loves hamburgers. A lot.
Pinky: And of course, I got the hand with painted nails... because let's be honest... I kind of like painting my nails.