Thursday, August 4, 2011

Venturing Into the Third Dimension

This wasn't my first time piercing my nails. I think the first time I did it was probably in early high school. I'm not really sure what made me decide that it was something that might be cool, but I pierced one nail and wore an earring in it for a while. This time around I decided to get a bit fancier than that. I painted on a simple french tip and decided to pierce three nails! I then fed a chain through the three piercings and was ready to go! Or... rather, I was ready to be immobile. But they lasted a surprisingly long time. I think I left this in for about 4 days, wearing the chain almost the entire time. I snagged a few times and somehow didn't manage to rip my entire nail off (phew!).

I think there are a bunch of ways to pierce your nails, but I take a fairly simple approach. First and foremost, you do need somewhat long nails for this. The longer, the safer. But all I do is get a bunch of different sized needles and start by using the smallest one to make a hole in the nail. I start from the back of the nail with the nail flat on a surface (basically palm up, so that I don't accidentally pierce my finger). After getting the smallest needle all the way through the nail (I pull it through the front of the nail so that the threading end passes through the hole, since it's the biggest part of the needle), I move up a size and use the next biggest needle. I do this with about 4 needles and then I finally have a big enough hole to put a ring through it! The entire process takes about 5 minutes, the most difficult part is getting the first needle through.